WHO we are, and WHY we do what we do.

Here at C3 Group, we are more than just tech specialists – we are tech champions. We use our knowledge for the success of our clients, and pride ourselves on the experience and services we provide. Inventing and implementing innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients is truly our passion, and our why.

Having been in business for over 20 years, we understand the application of technology as a key enabler for business efficiency and growth. We like to see ourselves as the connection between bringing businesses and technology together to create solutions that drive advancement and prosperity.  

Our team comprises of the best of the best: highly trained and talented ICT enthusiasts who live-and-breathe our why. At C3 Group, we all share this common vision and strive to provide outstanding tech guidance, solutions and support, tailored to our client’s specific needs.

At the core, we’re a tech company who specialises in providing fully outsourced management of your entire technology ‘stack’. Technology is complex and covers many diverse solutions across a variety of different areas of your business. We take care of this for you to allow you to get on with running your company. 

If we’re talking about your people, C3 Group makes sure they are always able to be productive. We do this by focusing on your technology’s ‘up-time’ and ensuring all of your people can connect whenever and wherever they need to. We build solutions that provide deep collaborative experiences, and we make sure all of your end-user devices remain fast, secure and reliable. And, if there is ever a problem with anything, we’re always on-hand to provide fantastic end-user support. 

If we’re talking about the ‘engine room’, we manage all of the networks, servers, cloud & supporting infrastructure that allow your users to connect, and work towards their (and your) success. We make sure all of this just works, and as seamlessly as possible. In addition to reliability & performance, we place massive importance on the security of these systems and ensuring your company’s data is well protected against all of the modern threats and disasters that can happen. We reduce your business risk, and like to think of ourselves as your tech insurance policy.

But all of this infrastructure only exists to support the Apps, Data, Business Productivity & Internet-driven solutions that run on top of it. At the end of the day, this is what allows your business to function and achieve growth and success. C3 Group have got you covered here too, as we provide a range of solutions from the traditional Microsoft Business Productivity solutions, through to Information Systems consulting and custom App development.

When you partner with C3 Group, you’re partnering with a passionate group of people who understand both tech and business. Our relationship, and the success of your business and people, always matters.

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184 Orlando Street
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone: 1300 661 859
Fax: 02 6652 9819


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