Business benefits of the NBN

Posted On: 03 / 10 / 2013

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of the largest infrastructure projects in our nation’s history and aims to provide affordable high-speed broadband to all Australians. Despite the new government’s differing NBN policy, this aim remains unchanged.

In the business realm, the NBN is particularly relevant to smaller organisations, where it has traditionally been very costly to implement Internet services with similarly high speeds. There are many ways that small businesses can be improved by leveraging high-speed broadband. Five examples include:

1. ‘Move’ to the cloud

Traditionally it has been expensive for businesses to purchase, operate and maintain the infrastructure required to deliver key IT services. Businesses are now able to move these services to external cloud hosting providers, and access them securely via high-speed broadband. This allows for scalable IT solutions at a reduced cost, all as an operational expense.

2. Be productive and work from anywhere

High-speed broadband allows businesses to access to applications, data and people from any device, anywhere and at any time. This is regardless of whether accessing services ‘in the cloud’ or on-premise. The results in improved productivity and allows employers to provide flexible working arrangements.

3. Back up key systems to the cloud:

For any key systems that remain at the office, regular backups of these systems can be sent to a secure location in the cloud. This reduces business risk by ensuring that all critical data is automatically backed up offsite, and that a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is in place.

4. Communication & Collaboration:

High-speed broadband enhances internal and external communication and provides for highly collaborative experiences. With solutions ranging from HD video calls and conferencing, through to document & screen sharing, businesses can collaborate like never before. This leads to enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.

5. Cloud-based telephony:

Telephony can be delivered from the cloud, allowing all staff to be connected to the business phone system regardless of their location and reducing the costs associated with traditional on-premise systems.

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