Windows 8 Released

Posted On: 26 / 10 / 2012

It is with great pleasure that C3 Group can report that Windows 8 has been released, along with Windows Phone 8.

Windows 8 will carry forward the same speed and reliability that has made Windows 7 such a successful Operating System, but features a completely redesigned, touch-friendly user experience. This new user experience will be consistent across ALL end-user devices running the Microsoft platform, including Workstations, Notebooks, Tablets (or Slates), Phones and more.

We are particularly excited about what Windows 8 means to business, as we believe it will offer an unparalleled level of business productivity. With an end-to-end Microsoft solution, users will now be able to access their critical business data securely from ANY device and ANY location, using a consistent and integrated platform.

Above: An example of how Windows 8 provides a consistent, modern and integrated experience across all devices: Samsung’s new Activ range of touch-enabled Notebooks, Tablets and SmartPhones – all powered by Windows 8.

Until now businesses have typically relied on Microsoft platforms for their workstations & notebooks on their corporate network, with Blackberry, Apple & Google platforms being used as their Tablets and Smartphones. This has led to a disparate user experience across each device, with limited functionality on the Tablets & Smartphones as multiple 3rd party “Apps” are pieced together to form an overall business solution. Microsoft have addressed this problem in the form of Windows 8, which provides a seamless experience across all devices. Windows 8 allows hardware vendors to go to market with a wave of new product innovations, to transcend the way employees work and are productive. Such an example is the large range of Ultrabook based Notebook & Tablet hybrid systems that will be readily available in the coming months.

Top Left: An example of a new Notebook from Lenovo with innovative hinge technology, allowing the device to be used as either a notebook or tablet.

Top Right & Below: Examples from Samsung & HP of innovative technology that allows the keyboard and screen to come apart such that the screen can be used as a true Tablet (with the full power of Windows 8 Pro), with no attached keyboard. The Keyboard section can be left in the office when you are on the go (or optionally you could have a second keyboard). The keyboard charges the Tablet when it is docked, and can have external Monitors and a traditional Keyboard/Mouse attached to provide a traditional “Workstation” like experience when in the office.

Our team is fully trained to implement and support Windows 8 for our clients. We have been in full production mode with Windows 8 on our internal network, for a number of months prior to the official release. For more information how Windows 8 and what it means for your organisation, please contact us today.

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